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Need a ride in Saudi Arabia or want a peaceful ride to make your peaceful journey even more serene, then you have landed on the right page. Mecca Taxi service provides a transfer to pilgrims for years with affordable pricing.
With years of experience in this field, we have grown massively with a huge network of staff(drivers). Our experienced drivers are familiar with each route and spot that are worth visiting and will guide you with whatever is needed.
We have a range of vehicles to let you choose that best suits you. So! What are you up to Book your ride to spot any place in Saudi Arabia with Mecca Taxi Service


Our Fleets


Maxi 11 Members

GMC 2022 7 Members


Camry 4 Members

GMC 2022 2

GMC 2020 7 Members

H1 Hundai 7 Members

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Why Choose Macca Taxi Service

Safe & Reliable

Safe & Reliable

Providing you with the safest ride and we are the most trusted taxi provider in the Mecca region.



Prompt response to your queries whenever you get in touch with us.



Competitive ride fares so you can rest assured that we are under the budget.

Easy Pay

Check for your preferred mode of payment through our multiple paying options.

Our Services

Makkah Taxi Transfer

Mecca Taxi Transfer Services

Mecca Taxi Transfer Services in Saudi Arabia, experience reliable and efficient taxi transfers across Saudi Arabia, ensuring seamless transportation for your travel needs.

Umrah Taxi Service

Umrah Traveling

Umrah Traveling: Let your spiritual journey be seamless with our specialized Umrah travel services, offering comfortable and convenient transportation to holy sites.

Airport Service

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers: Start and end your trip hassle-free with our airport transfer services, providing timely and comfortable rides to and from airports.


Family or Business Trips

Family or Business Trips: Whether it's a family vacation or a corporate outing, trust our taxi services to cater to your group's travel requirements, ensuring a pleasant journey.

Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel: Facilitating smooth and professional transportation for corporate travelers, our services are tailored to meet the needs of business trips, conferences, and events.